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Grayson Jeffries
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Grayson Jeffries hard to say which track is my #1 fav but i love the production on this one. the introductory acoustic that quickly becomes buried, while all the same serving as an essential foundation for everything else: the ringing open chords, the chirping electric strums that come in halfway thru the first verse, the very faint oozin aahs floating around verse two's words--all these little touches and quirks that make the whole thing feel very expansive (sic). and yet never a wasted second. Favorite track: run on sentence.
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gabi, goblin, smile - recorded on tascam portastudio 424 mkii in my dorm at uconn (snow hall) on 04/07/2015.

cry, friends, seasons, fork, donkey kong, run on sentence - recorded in my parent's basement throughout the past year with various equipment.

susannah - recorded in my room on 7/15 in brooklyn using a 20 dollar usb mic.

all instruments/mixing/recording/mastering by me.



released July 15, 2016

thanks to grayson, marcus, rico, justin, ryan G, and ryann for the support, gear, and advice.



all rights reserved


Jorge Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: donkey kong
aren't you embarrassed to say that you go to bed with the dead?
boy go long
boy gets long
boy isn't long
boy does wrong

the job will soon be done
but the longing will not stop

to pass the time we can play donkey kong
Track Name: seasons
i took a walk at the end of seasons
i went against my own reasoning
my mind is filled with grievances

i need a friend, don't leave yet
Track Name: gabi
there is a place that makes me feel happy and i visit it everyday bc if i don't gabi won't see me again
and my blood is red and my pen is red and his blood is red and my body is dead
and my blood is red and my pen is red and his blood is red and my eyes are dead
Track Name: run on sentence
everything's blurry
her name appears all over
my head is spinning
it's cold, can't feel anything you say is bullshit
it's okay, i've gotten used to it

so, where are we heading?
my lips turn blue and i'm sweating

i just wanted to say that i'm gonna forget all the things that you've said.
Track Name: goblin
waking up in a field of dreams next to you but that would never happen bc i know ur not real, ur in dreams and in real life ur rly a goblin
but i wish u were real
and i wish u were here
the rain is coming down hard
but my emotions are dry
Track Name: friends
i need to be surrounded by friends because if not my thoughts take over my soul and they're the worst kind of friends i have.
Track Name: smile
seeing ur face makes me smile,
i wish i could see it for a while
ur eyes tell more than ur mouth
and i wish u could see what i see
but maybe that would ruin things
but maybe this is already as messy as it can be

when u feel nervous, i feel bad
sorry i said those things, i didn't rly mean them
ur tears are holy, they mean the world to me
don't feel so blushy pls, don't feel so guilty pls
Track Name: blah fork blah
take the meaning of words and twist them around several times with my fork before i put them in my mouth and spit them all out.
i put them in my mouth, and spit them all out.

don't worry, i'm happy - i think with you.
Track Name: susannah
staying in bed
i watch the clouds pass by me
they are lively, how?
your decisions locked you
in your nightmares

i miss ya
will you help me find the pieces of

and memories have been erased
how can i live another day?
you are the key to your own happy escape
Track Name: cry
you cry, you try to make it right.
so bad, he threw you out like trash.
is that right?
that you forgive him for his scars?

take off your clothes, i want to kiss your skin and burn it while you sleep.
these thoughts don't go away, is that wrong?
i'm strong, but i can't wait for long.
so long.